Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Year, New Studio

Now that the whirlwind of the show has died down, I spent some time looking for a new studio during the rest of November.  IRS was a great starting point for me, but I realize I need a larger area to work in since I would like to start painting larger scale (four feet plus).  I am moving into a spot in Fishtown that shares a building with Liberty Vintage Motorcycles (coincidence?) near the Rocket Cat Cafe and a few other hip little businesses at Sepviva and Susquehanna.  It used to be used for a performance art space for Extra Extra (that's what you'll find if you google the address).  My good friend Delia King, who is on the Mural Arts program, is in the space above me and we are separated by a large set of stairs.  When I moved in a few weeks ago, the walls were unfinished so I haven't been around much (that and I've been uber busy with other things like wrapping presents and trying to get ready for my big party).  Anyway, it's in a cool part of town that I will easily be able to host open studios during Fishtown First Fridays, and I am looking forward to setting myself up, building some shelves and a desk, and getting organized.  I always feel I am better able to accomplish things when I have a good feng shui going on, so I don't end up wasting time looking for things (blue glitter, army men etc) or getting distracted (with gold leaf, glue, etc).

I've pretty much taken December off from any artmaking at this point, I have a hard time staying motivated in cold weather and I don't like working at night (going to and from my car in the dark gives me that creepy feeling!)

When the space looks good enough for pictures, I will post :-)