Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Window paintings 2013

Inner Beauty Hair Salon by Gnl- Bristol, PA

Druid's Keep bar, Northern Liberties, Philly- Brown St and Hancock St 
(Will Paint For Beer) 

Liberties Parcel- Northern Liberties, 2nd and Brown
Last but not least, my gingerbread house :-)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Recent work

I was getting an art show submission together and I realized that in 2012/2013, I had been so busy planning my wedding that I haven't put up any photos of my new work. Not only that, but I hadn't documented them, either. Whoops!

The show I am submitting to will take place on 1/20/2014 in Dublin, Ireland and is curated by my friend and longtime collaborator (co-conspirator) EL Putnam. Hopefully I will be attending the show as well. The theme is happiness, against the backdrop of one of the coldest months and the ever-demanding and cynical art world. Here is my submission, followed by some works I haven't posted a clear shot of.
Part of the artist’s burden is feeling as though we must be always working towards a grand masterpiece. There is a certain loneliness that can take over in the days and hours spent concentrating on and toiling over perfecting a piece of art. The contemporary artist is constantly wondering if his or her art is conceptually sound enough to be accepted by his or her peers, as well as accepted by society. This piece was self-expression at its purest; it was created without prior planning, sketching, thought or worry. Everything seemed to fall into place on this particular wood panel; there was no mistake that needed to be fixed or covered up and the paint dried as it should. Especially in the midst of other failed art experiments, this happy accident was a much-needed breath of fresh air. It reminds me that magic can still happen with my paintbrush (and palette knife). The painting is inspired by is a friend of mine who has an explosively colorful personality; his favorite colour is baby blue.
 Homo Explosion, Acrylic and glitter on wood panel
Peacock Feathers on brick texture (chalk pastel)
Feathers on brick background

Cracked brick study