Sunday, May 8, 2011

May- First Friday

I have spent the past two months working on a new body of art experimenting with glitter, varnish, and feathers. I also screwed around with a clear silicone gel to have elements in the painting appear to "float". I showed my work at the open studios in my building (which is a natural success, I don't even have to do any promoting! Yay less work!) the verdict is that people gravitated towards this black painting, which you will see here. I believe I will do a series based on this painting. Next, I would like to do a bunch of large scale floral paintings, and then towards the end of the year I think I will start doing nude female portraits on abstract backgrounds. I guess I will see how it goes once I get my work hung in some local shops in Northern Liberties, but that's my gut instinct at this point.  Also, the LOVE painting is finished after a year of working on it.  I ended up peeling/ ripping the entire bottom half of the painting off the canvas and starting over, but I fixed it in two hours what I had been working on for four months so it worked out just fine.

Loving my new space at Liberty Vintage Motorcycles! We are planning on doing a big party for Trenton Ave Arts Fest/"Judgement Day" on May 21st. 

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