Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Nuptial Post

Hello art and goodbye blogging hiatus, I'm finally hitched and getting back to business. First, some pictures of the crafts I made for the wedding, and I will also be adding a tutorial to show ya how its done!
Guest book made with burlap, lace ribbon, and gold leaf on poster board letters 

My backdrop made of fabric

Directional signs made with fabric and fabric paint on cardboard 

90 foot burlap and lace ribbon-lined aisle runner

Welcome sign 
Candle Centerpieces using hops, barley, beer bottle caps, and votive candles inside of a vase

My wonderful sister who did so much graphic design and printing for us, and worked with my original paintings to create a beautiful invitation:

Please check out my amazing photographer, Kate's Lens: 

My new post nuptial art goals are to get an etsy store up and running, and having my art available for purchase as prints on canvas and matted paper. And more art shows, of course :-)

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