Monday, September 15, 2014

#willpaintforhaircuts season 4- Autumn window paintings

I'm going to add to this as I make more progress on the windows, but I couldn't help but post this latest one prematurely. (Updated Sept 25!) The first is a sketch made with Paper by 53, an iPad sketch app. My inspiration was a schoolgirl's hair blowing in the wind as she walks to school, fantasizing about all the colors of the falling leaves. The second and third pictures are of the painting I started at Inner Beauty by GnL salon in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The leaves will then migrate from the hair to frame the poster. I am actually starting to get a hang of this! 
(Migrating leaf frame in progress; had to pull the banner aside so I didn't get paint all over it)
(I have figured out how to make it look cool from both the inside and the outside! Here is a view inside the store.)
(And of course my ladies Gabi and Lindz hooked me up with this sweet feathering action in my hair, which is hideable!)

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